Ice And Gel
Can Hurt You

Cold temperatures reduce inflammation – but too much cold is bad! Unlike ice and gel, our products chill at a SAFE temperature to promote fast healing.

Heal Faster

Get back into the game faster with our specialized wraps.

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Our Technology Edge:

Ice or gel-based cooling products can be dangerous for your skin and soft tissues. Because ice presents at 32°F (gel gets much colder), doctors recommend a strict “20 minutes on, 20 minutes off” regimen for ice/gel products used for cold therapy. Failing to practice this protocol often causes skin burns and may cause frostbite because capillary vasoconstriction, a restriction of blood-flow through the capillaries, is caused by the intense cold. Our products cannot cause this to occur!

Our products use a specially formulated, laboratory-grade PCM (Phase Change Material) – a unique thermal wax – which solidifies and melts in the 56-58°F range. It stays at this constant temperature until fully melted, a temperature considered to be a sweet spot for pain relief and promotion of healing. Depending on ambient temperature and your activity level, our products will last between 1-2 hours before needing to be “recharged.” Recharging them is simple: simply put the product in a refrigerator, freezer or (in a ziploc style baggie) in ice-water – and about 30 minutes later the product is ready to use again.

To ensure we have the most consistent and pure PCM on the market today, we formulate and purify it in the same FDA facility where our Space Ice wraps are manufactured. Not only is our technology safe, 100% of the product is designed and manufactured in the USA.

All of our products:

  • Are safer than Ice/gel-based cooling products
  • Recharge more quickly than either ice or gel – and can be recharged an infinite number of times
  • Contour to your body with durable, lightweight designs
  • Contains the industry’s highest purity PCMs – for maximum cooling time

Ready to try it out? Visit our store and get the relief you need today!

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