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Safe. Easy. Effective.
Cold therapy has been linked to numerous health benefits such as reduced inflammation, swelling, and muscle spasm. However, if not administered properly it can also be quite harmful to your skin. Space Ice BOTH maximizes the healing potential AND eliminates the risk. Welcome to the future of cold therapy.
Ice kills skin
Ice or gel-based cooling products operate at extreme temperatures that can freeze your skin causing skin burns or even frostbite. This is why doctors recommend a strict “20 minutes on, 20 minutes off” regimen for these products when used for cold therapy.
The safe alternative
Space Ice uses a specially formulated, laboratory-grade PCM (Phase Change Material) which freezes at 56-58°F, and stays at this constant temperature until fully melted. This temperature range is safe for your skin, even in prolonged direct contact, and considered to be a sweet spot for pain relief and promotion of healing. Even better, it will hold this optimal temperature for an hour or more before needing to be “recharged.” To recharge, simply put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes and it’s ready to go again.
Space ice
Space Ice is safer than Ice/gel-based cooling products. It recharges more quickly and can be recharged an infinite number of times. It's durable, lightweight designs contour to your body for optimal effectiveness, and it contains the industry’s highest purity PCM's for maximum cooling time. Space Ice truly is the future of cold therapy.
Limited time / 40% OFF Sitewide