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Give yourself the cold shoulder you deserve after a shoulder injury. The Space Ice Cold Shoulder therapy wrap was designed by collegiate and professional team trainers and physicians to provide continued movement while applying inflammation reducing cold directly to the inflamed tissue . 

Two things are critical to recover, continued movement for blood flow and inflammation reduction. The Cold Shoulder comfortably covers the clavicle, rotator cuff, deltoid, bicep and pectoralis major; easily conforms to your body making movement as easy and comfortable as can be, even in it's frozen state. 

The frozen state for Space Ice is 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Why would something have a bottom to it's freezing temperature you might ask. Well that's a great question! In testing our products against others we found many of the products available will take cold on well below what is safe or effective to use on your body. The average home freezer is 0 degrees and most consumer products for cooling will take that temperature. Frost bite can happen at any point below 31 degrees. Space Ice has been scientifically engineered to only get to 50 degrees, right in the sweet spot for therapeutic benefit. 

Space Ice Therapy Cooling Wraps also come with a black veltex backing and Velcro straps. This strapping system allows you to strap the product directly to your body without any of the hassles that come with ACE bandages. This strapping system also allows you to provide compression as needed to the injured area.  


  • Designed to be comfortable, safe, and very effective 
  • Comes with our unique Cool Case designed to keep the product cool for several hours before use
  • Covers the clavicle, rotator cuff, and deltoid muscles, as well as the bicep tendon and pectoralis major tendon
  • The Latex-free, surface allows it to be worn safely against your skin
  • Easily adjusts for maximum comfort and relief
  • Simple to clean with soapy water or isopropyl alcohol
  • Unisex - One size fits both men and women with adjustable straps
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 18 reviews
      Shoulder ice

      It seems like it would be a good option to ice my daughters shoulder; however we are having a hard time keeping it on her shoulder. It always seems to slide down.

      Mark Orr
      Knee and Shoulder

      Both are well made and work as advertised.

      Perfect for after practice

      My daughter has been using this after 2 hours of practice. She says it helps her avoid being sore the next day. Easily stays in place while you are wearing it. Fits an average 13 yr old’s girls arm. (Shoulder wrap)

      Nicole Markja

      Shoulder Wrap

      James Kerns III

      Shoulder Wrap