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With the Optimus Cooling Vest, you’ll be able to work or play more comfortably and effectively in hot conditions. Featuring state-of-the-art Phase Change Cooling Technology, you can select the level of cooling you need to stay cool — not cold — in practically any environment. Choose from three different types of Phase Change cooling inserts, each with a specific freeze point:

  • 78°F — Approximately 20°F below your core body temperature, these inserts WILL NOT feel cold but are perfect for lowering your internal temperature! Ideal for any time you need a slight chill to refresh your senses. These inserts can be recharged at room temperature.
  • 58°F — This temperature is great for a refreshing cool down, and for vigorous activities such as running. It’s also great to assist in reducing swelling. These inserts can be recharged in a freezer, refrigerator, or cool water. As long as the environment is below 58°F, the inserts will recharge.
  • 42°F — This temperature is great when you need the most intense cool-down, and for keeping your focus while in uncomfortably hot conditions. This temperature is also great for emergency cooling if someone needs to be cooled down quickly. These inserts can be recharged in a refrigerator or freezer.

All Space Ice Cooling Vests contain state-of-the-art technology to keep you cool and focused:

  • Can be recharged infinitely, no need to buy replacement inserts
  • Contours to your body for a comfortable fit
  • Much safer for your skin than using ice
  • Keeps you cool, but not as cold as ice
  • Durable construction is made to last
  • Lightweight and adjustable design allows you to work without feeling encumbered
  • Helps you to stay focused on the task at hand in uncomfortable conditions
  • Simple, effective, and safe solution for keeping cool, or for cooling down fast

Space Ice Cooling Vest Inserts:

Space Ice Vests come with two specially designed inserts which can freeze at 42°F, 58°F, or 78°F, depending on which inserts you purchase. These inserts recharge in any environment that is cooler than their rated temperature. For example, you can recharge the 78°F anywhere the temperature is lower than 78°F. And because you can recharge them infinitely, you’ll never have to worry about your inserts losing their cooling ability.

The Optimus Cooling Vest is a very light weight design that can fit over the top of your clothing, or it can be place under your clothing directly against your skin.  The Vest Consists of a two Inserts with Veltex attached to the outside, and two straps that go over the shoulders and two straps that go around the Torso.  This design can be adjusted to several different sizes. 

Ultimate Cool Sizes:

  • Small
    • Front: 15.5 Inches x 20 Inches Tall
    • Back: 15.5 Inches x 20 Inches Tall 
  • Medium 
    • Front: 15.5 Inches X 20 Inches Tall
    • Back: 19 Inches Wide x 20 Inches Tall 
  • Large
    • Front: 19 Inches Wide x 20 Inches Tall
    • Back: 19 Inches Wide x 20 Inches Tall 

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