Enzyme Spray Detergent - Space Ice Therapy

Enzyme Spray Detergent

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Over time, freezer odors, sweat, skin cells, and dirt may create a ‘funk’ that can detract from the pleasure of using your Space Ice Therapy wrap.


Keep your cold therapy wraps clean and sanitized. Trust us, everyone will appreciate the extra effort to keep clean. 

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Long-Lasting Cool Relief

Oof... Know that feeling?

Start your recovery quickly and get back to good faster. 

Better than ice

Up To 2-Hours Of Cold Relief

More comfortable, longer-lasting, rechargeable, no watery mess and it won’t hurt your skin.

Therapeutically Used & Tested
Doctor Recommended

Don't just take it from us; even the big cheese is recommending this. Our products are FDA Class I medical devices.

Durable & Breathable
Get More Comfortable

Designed with long sessions in mind. Our wraps will stay tightly secure and allow you to move easily.