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Shoulder Wrap Overview – A Different Approach to Pain Relief:

COOL Therapy, Not “Cold Therapy” – Unlike ice or gel, Space Ice Therapy’s laboratory grade “thermal wax”, used inside the pockets of each SafeTherapy™ wrap, cannot over-cool – meaning there is NO risk of tissue burn or frostbite. Until fully melted, it holds a safe, comfortable, steady therapeutic temperature that helps accelerate the healing process. Rather than infusing cold, this unique phase change technology actually pulls heat from your injured area, reducing swelling, inflammation, and pain.

How to Use:

Space Ice Therapy Shoulder Wraps are supplied with everything you need right from the package – simply “charge” it before using!

How to Charge (or recharge) for use: If the wrap pockets are clear/transparent, simply place the wrap in a refrigerator (or freezer if you’d like it to charge a bit faster). Lay it flat for fastest charging (put in a baggie with your name on it if you’re using a common area fridge).

– When it’s Ready: After about 20 minutes you can see the pockets turn from clear to bright white. At about 40-45 minutes they will become solid (“charged”) – the wrap is ready for use!  The whole process is faster in a freezer; about 20 minutes end-to-end.

– Wear it (against skin or over clothing): Place the Shoulder Wrap on your body, the white side facing your skin. Secure it with the supplied Velcro straps until it rests comfortably. NOTE: If you don’t like the feel of the Shoulder Wrap directly against your skin you can place it over a thin garment, simply making sure it is snug enough to feel the cooling effect. That’s it – Relax and let it work! You can even go to sleep or continue to go about your day while Space Ice Therapy™ works to pull heat and inflammation from your injury.

The Space Ice Therapy Shoulder Wrap is an adjustable design that targets the muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding the shoulder joint. It can be worn while sitting, walking or during therapy (including after joint replacement) and will fit nearly anyone. It is great to wear after a workout, surgery or any kind of acute injury (note: we do not recommend wearing over an open wound).  The Space Ice Therapy Shoulder wrap will help reduce swelling and pain occurring from an acute injury or activities that aggravate a chronic injury.  The Artex SafeTherapy Shoulder strap design permits you to adjust the amount of compression you feel, allowing the best adjustment for comfort and activity level.

Space Ice Therapy Shoulder Wrap:

Effectively reduces deep tissue inflammation and discomfort by pulling heat away from the muscles and tendons of the shoulder:

  • Targets the muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding the shoulder joint
  • Covers the clavicle, rotator cuff and deltoid muscles
  • Covers the bicep tendon and pectoralis major tendon Ideal for immediate injury treatment or chronic pain
  • Wear it all day, no fear of over-cooling
  • Antimicrobial surface allows it to be worn safely against the skin
  • Easily adjusts for maximum comfort and relief.
  • Latex free. Antimicrobial surface allows it to be worn safely directly against your skin (if skin becomes irritated, wear over a thin layer of cloth)
  • No fear of over-cooling: Holds an ideal temperature (about 58°F) until fully melted
  • Will recharge in a refrigerator in approximately 45 minutes (or in a freezer in about 20 minutes)
  • Provides same-temperature cooling until melted (time depends on ambient temperature & activity level)
  • Size: Product’s top section is 14” wide by 4” tall; bottom section is 18” wide by 6” tall
  • Strap Size (2 of different sizes): 4” wide by 34” long; 2” wide and 12” long


  • Doctor recommended and clinically tested
  • Flexible design can be worn over either shoulder
  • Ready to charge right out of the package
  • Charges in minutes in refrigerator or freezer
  • Temperature safe – no risk of over-cooling
  • Can be used again and again, as often (and as long) as is needed
  • Antimicrobial surface – safe to wear against skin
  • Recharges much faster than ice or gel
  • Durable, breathable, comfortable design – one size fits all
  • Can be used on-the-go. Can be used while sleeping
  • Simple to Clean with soap/water or isopropyl alcohol
  • Optional Enzyme Cleaner keeps it super fresh smelling
  • Cord-free, battery-free (nothing to re-order unless you want Enzyme Cleaner)
  • FDA Class 1 medical device; drug-free
  • Proudly made in the USA

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