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Overview – Cleaning

Space Ice Therapy™ wraps are designed to give years of great service provided they are kept clean and in good condition. We do not recommend cleaning in a washing machine because the product may begin to delaminate over time. However, a gentle solution of soap and water may be used to hand wash (using a washcloth, for instance) the black material or clear plastic. The clear plastic can also be wiped down with isopropyl alcohol or wiped down with Virex® after using or when it feels dirty/oily. After any of these approaches, allow to air dry. (Virex is a Registered product of Diversey)

A Different Way to Clean

Recognizing that users generally wish to use their wraps as quickly as possible when suffering pain (or to recharge them quickly when using them over an extended period) we know many users will recharge their wraps in the freezer. While the above-cited cleaning methods are effective at cleaning the wraps of grime and oils, they won’t always keep the wraps fresh smelling. Over time, freezer odors, sweat, skin cells, and dirt may create a ‘funk’ that can detract from the pleasure of using your Space Ice Therapy wrap.

Space Ice Therapy Fresh™ is the answer…

Space Ice Therapy Fresh™ is a multi-enzyme detergent spray that dissolves sweat, skin cells, and other organic materials that contribute to odors. It can be used on both the black backing and the clear plastic. Simply spray on, gently wipe, and air dry. Space Ice Therapy Fresh™ is non-toxic, latex-free and pH neutral; it is also safe for use on other clothing and textile surfaces (such as that nasty gym equipment!).

Why not order a bottle today? It is presently available in 2 oz. spray bottles and will soon be available in convenient 8 oz refill bottles.

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