Better than Ice!

- Up To 2-Hours Of Relief

- Doctor Recommended

- Washable & Reusable

- Made In The USA 

Freezes faster and last longer!

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We've developed a unique thermal wax that provides long-lasting therapeutic relief and quicker recovery. Freezes at 58 degrees and can be recharged in a cooler or refrigerator. No risk of overcooling or nerve damage.

Real Reviews

Bought for my granddaughter who plays volleyball. She and her mom give it a five star rating.


Penny Roberts

We ordered this product with the upcoming club volleyball season in mind; however, we ended up using it for a minor knee injury that occurred this week. It worked great!


Dana Gassaway

Up to 2-Hours of Relief

More comfortable, longer-lasting, rechargeable, no watery mess and it won’t hurt your skin.

Without getting too scientific, we’ve developed a wax that can freeze at 56-58°F which means it won’t hurt your skin after long periods of wear.


Whether you're practicing, working, walking or lounging our wraps are designed to stay in place and keep you comfortable for long periods of time.