1. Recover faster between practices
2. Improves shoulder mobility for a faster swing
3. Reduce inflammation in knees to increase your vertical

Space Ice wraps apply optimal therapeutic temperatures, and can maintain them for extended periods without risking damage to your skin. Bottom line... They allow you to recover faster!



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"I'm 6'1" and a middle hitter and I've been using Space Ice on my knees between tournament sets and have noticed a HUGE difference in my overall performance. Not only is my jump noticeably faster and higher, but my knee pain has improved drastically."

Allie K.

15 JUNE 2020, 07:21

"I've been recovering from a wrist injury and have been struggling on getting flexibility back in my wrists due to the pain. Since I've used Space Ice, the pain as gradually disapeared, and my quick-sets are almost back to what they were before the injury. THANK YOU SPACE ICE."

Sam S.

21 AUG APR 2020, 10:12

"As an 11 year coach of high school volleyball, I have never seen a product quite like Space Ice. I've personally purchased several knee, shoulder, and universal wraps to keep on hand for our girls in between games and practices, but Space Ice is the BEST"

Coach Clay.

02 MAY 2020, 08:47


Space Ice is formulated to maintain an optimal therapeutic temperature for recovery, yet safe for prolonged contact with your skin.


Space Ice uses a unique thermal wax that freezes at 56-58°F. This allows it to stay frozen and in use longer, while not hurting your skin.


Our wraps are ergonomically designed to stay in place and keep you comfortable. Even while you're on the go.


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