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Shoulder ice

It seems like it would be a good option to ice my daughters shoulder; however we are having a hard time keeping it on her shoulder. It always seems to slide down.

Knee and Shoulder

Both are well made and work as advertised.

Perfect for after practice

My daughter has been using this after 2 hours of practice. She says it helps her avoid being sore the next day. Easily stays in place while you are wearing it. Fits an average 13 yr old’s girls arm. (Shoulder wrap)

Shoulder Wrap

Knee Wrap

Shoulder Wrap

Excellent quality and awesome customer service

The knee wrap works great on my sore knees after mountain biking. Can leave it on my knee without getting painfully cold. I have noticed great recovery results since using it. Customer service is also top notch. If you have any problems with your product let them know and they will make it right.

Works Great

I love how easy this is to use. My only complaint is getting the wrap set on my shoulder. I often have to have help, but otherwise this is a great product!


Almost perfect, I wish it stayed cold just a little while longer. It does re-freeze pretty quickly so that it can be used again after just a little while.

All settled!

Initially, the wrong item was sent to me. Though it took a few repeated emails, John got back to me and was prompt to correct the mistake and sent me the correct order. I really appreciated the professionalism!

5 stars

Ordered the knee brace and had it within a few days. Fast turnaround.

Good product

My teenage daughter uses the product for shoulder pain after volleyball. It fits well and is easy to use. We like that the gel doesn’t get as cold as ice and can be against her skin without pain.

Great product!

The product has worked as advertised, is easy to use and provides instant relief.

Fabulous Non- icing !!!

Years of sports ... still playing but also playing after multiple surgeries! This changes the outcome after you are done! Space Ice was just what I needed... Hands free...! Super Clean ...! No melting or drips...! EASY !!!
Works great!
I ordered 3... knee. shoulder , & hip
I highly recommend!

JAN King Halbern RN

Shoulder Wrap

Volleyball assist

Bought for my granddaughter who plays volleyball. She and her mom say it is a five star rating for this product

Space Age Ice Shoulder wrap

Great product and definitely better than bags of ice

knee care

love this product: not too cold, stays cold & molds to my knee

Universal Therapy Wrap
Very convenient

We ordered this product with the upcoming club volleyball season in mind; however, we ended up using it for a minor knee injury that occurred this week. It worked great!

Love it

Fits my elbow really well.

Light & Flexible

Ready to use quickly. Very portable and light. I’ve used on knee, back and shoulder with good success! Thanks!

Shoulder Wrap

Space ice therapy shoulder wrap

Works great

I coach a 12u travel team so saving arms for a weekend is very important, this works way better than ice packs and plastic wrap. One thing that might help is a demonstration video on how to charge and apply

Great fit but short cold time

has a great fit and easy to use but the cold time is only about 20 minutes