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Space Mask USA Face Masks - Space Ice Therapy

American Made Face Masks 🇺🇸
50 Pack

  • 50 Pack
  • Single Use Disposable
  • Made & Manufactured In The USA 🇺🇸
  • Materials Sourced From The USA & Europe


  • Three Layer Technology
  • Adjustable Metal Nose Piece
  • Soft & Stretchy Ear-Loops
  • Ultra-Breathable
  • Family-Friendly Sizes

TIP: THE RIGHT WAY TO WEAR THIS MASK - Keep the Space Ice Logo facing away from you. You can see the logo in the top right corner of the mask when looking directly at it.

Not Intended For Medical Use & Not Proven To Reduce The Transmission Of Disease



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Our Three Layer Technology

Non-Woven Outer Layer

Fluid Repellent

Filtered Mid-Layer (Meltblown)

Aerosol Barrier

Soft-Fabric Inner Layer

Skin-Friendly & Moisture Proof

Additional Info

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) ≥ 98%


Universal Design

  • Fits nearly all face sizes. Featuring stretchy elastic ear loops and an adjustable metal nosepiece.

Practical Daily Use

  • Great for guarding against dust, pollen, smoke and other unseen airborne substances.

Multiple Applications

  • Wear it when shopping, traveling, doing house chores, working with colleagues, visiting the dog park and more!

Supporting Local USA Jobs

  • Our masks are manufactured in Fort Wayne, Indiana, helping create and support local jobs.

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency & Differential Pressure Final Report

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