The Physician and Sportsmedicine – May 1986; Vol 14, No. 5, pp 105-108; doi: 10.1080/00913847.1986.11709073; Kathryn Collins, MD Mitchel Storey, DO Keith Peterson, DO

Abstract Content:  Cryotherapy, a common treatment method for sports injuries, could result in peroneal nerve palsy. In this case a 26-year-old basketball coach who sustained a hamstring strain applied ice circumferentially around his knee on two occasions for one hour each. He subsequently suffered a severe peroneal neuropathy with weakness of the ankle, ankle elevators, and toe dorsiflexors. Electromyographic studies showed axonotmesis three months after the injury. Four months after the injury the patient was still recovering. This case demonstrates the importance of using cryotherapy cautiously.  [Note: this study underscores the dangers of un-cautious use of ice or ‘low temperature’ cryotherapy.]

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